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Products PP Strapping Band Making Machine    
Screw dia (mm) 50 65
L/D Ratio 26:1 26:1
Max. Out Put(Kg./hr.) 35 55
Max. Line Speed(Mtr./Min.) 120 120
Winder 2 Station Winder 3 Station Winder
Total Connected Load (KW.) 42 60
Plant Dimensions in Mtrs.(LXWXH) 25 x 7 x 3.5 33 x 7 x 4
PP Strapping Band Manufacturing line produces high productivity, best quality and cost saving. The stretched and embossed PP Band which will be used effectively for manual packaging or mainly in automatic strapping machine for small and middle packages. This newly designed machine provides faster production and superior product.
The Extruder adopts constant pitch type of screw for effective mixing of molten material.
The Die having one or more channels as the Flat type.
The quenching bath for extruded tape cooling designed to adjust the Air gape between the die nozzle and water level.
The stretching, Annealing and cooling units adopt three units of rollers for stepless adjustment of the stretching ratio and constriction ratio.
The embossing rollers are manufactured from Nitro alloy steel material vacuum heat treated for superior hardness and maximum wear resistance.
The embossing depth is adjusted manually.
The Winder unit having each torque motor which is controlled with an automatic tension controlled device.
Quality Feature for Outstanding Performance:-
Maximum speed for each line 120 Mt/Min.
Extruding Output range 30 – 70 Kgs/Hr. in various size of machine.
Strapping Band width 6 ,9,12,16 and 19mm.
Nitro alloy Barrel is Nitrogen treated, precision ground and stress relieved.
Fully automatic screen changer or manual screen changer is available optionally.
Provide Helical Gear Box in Extruder for high efficiency and Energy saving.
All chrome plated rollers for take-off for rust free operation.
Choice of AC Frequency and DC Motor drive (with synchronous operation is optional.)
Groove feed screw for higher output is optional.
* Specification are subject to change without prior notice.
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