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Products PP HDPE Monofilament Making Machine    
Screw dia (mm 50 65 75 90
L/D Ratio 26:1 28:1 28:1 28:1
Max. Out Put(Kg./hr. 20 to 35 50 to 60 60 to 70 80 to 90
No of Filaments 60 to 100 150 240 360
Main Motor(KW DC) 9.37 11.5 15 22.5
Max. Line Speed(Mtr./Min.) 40 to 120 40 to 120 40 to 120 120
Total Connected Load(KW.) 27 40 60 80
Flange Winders 8 Nos. 14 Nos. 18 Nos. 30 Nos.
Dimensions Without winder in Mtrs (L x W x H) 15x7x3 18x8x3 25x10x3 30x10x3
HDPE/PP/LDPE Monofilament Machine, PP/HDPE Rope Making Machine, PP Rope Machine HDPE/PP/LDPE Monofilament Machine, PP/HDPE Rope Making Machine, PP Rope Machine
Mono-filament Making machine produce higher transparency and more competent strength mono-filament with supreme mechanism and rigid standard of craftsmanship as well as long experience in this field.

Applicable Uses : Net, Filter, Fishing net, Ropes, Textile, Carpet, Brushes, and Niwar etc.
The screw and Barrel is manufactured from special Nitrogen treated , precision ground and tempered steel.
Automatic temperature controller.
High L/D Ratio for higher output.
Helical Gear Box in Extruder for high efficiency and Energy saving.
Choice of AC Frequency and DC Motor drive (with synchronous operation is optional.)
Cooling bath is constructed from Stainless Steel to prevent corrosion.
The two take-off units can be controlled in integration.
Take-Off speed is powered by VS motor with adjustable speed for smooth winding and stretching performance.
Orientation device is especially designed to allow the filament to flow on water thus ensuring proper filament roundness, uniformity and smoothness.
Different types of winder can be provided depends upon product and customer requirement.
* Specification are subject to change without prior notice.
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