PP Strapping Band Making Machine,PP HDPE Monofilament Making Machine,PP String Making Machine,Rope Making Machine
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PP Strapping Band Making Machine, PP String Making machine, PP string (Sutli) Making Extrusion line
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B.J. Engineering Works was established in 1977 as a professional plastic machinery manufacturer. In 1981 B.J. developed its first extrusion system, which is Mono-filament making machine. As a result B.J. has become in the market of Plastics industries and get challenging job for machine. Thereafter B.J. has started to manufacturing Box strapping machine, Sutli Machine, Cane making machine, Tape making machine, Granulating machine and Blown film making machine beside the Mono-filament machine. Still today B.J. sold more than Sixty plastics extrusion machine in all over India and also Abroad.

The industry with the state-of-the-art design, configuration, raw material and applications for new products call for advance technology, know how and continual innovation. We have outstanding capabilities and resource to design and manufacture a wide variety of machine. Each one is build with the B.J. reputation for Quality in mind, and each one will present the operational performance us what you have come to expect.
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